Worry-Free DOT Compliance

Let LaPorte CSA take the burden of ensuring your company is complying with all of the DOT’s regulations off your shoulders. Our consultants are experts in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations and have years of experience consulting with trucking companies in finding cost-effective means to fully comply with all regulations. Whether it’s through a one-time Mock Audit or through out-sourcing your safety department’s functions to us, LaPorte CSA can be your one-stop source for worry-free DOT compliance. Click here for more.

Risk Management

Let’s face it, complying with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations is just one part of an effective Safety and Risk Management Program, and its just one part of LaPorte CSA’s comprehensive Risk Management and Loss Control services. Don’t be the company with a transportation contract limiting your cargo claim exposure to $250,000 while you only have $100,000.00 in cargo insurance. A thorough LaPorte CSA risk evaluation and recommendations on risk, claims handling, and loss control can reduce your exposure and save your company money. Click here for more.

CSA Strategies

By all accounts, CSA is a game-changer for the trucking industry, and you need a strategy to survive and thrive in this new regulatory paradigm. LaPorte CSA offers a comprehensive CSA program, including but not limited to responding to FMCSA inquiries, driver fitness monitoring and scoring, BASIC score monitoring and reduction strategies, driver and employee training to reduce adverse roadside inspections, Data Q challenges, and accident reduction strategies. Click here for more.

Your Door to Worry Free Compliance

LaPorte CSA is a full-service transportation solutions provider. A staff of diverse professionals with expertise in several key segments enables us to offer cost-effective strategies to improve your bottom line. We'll help you identify, target, and correct issues before they become costly, time consuming problems. Our services offer you access to top quality programs at very competitive pricing. Whether reviewing existing programs, integrating services into established program or custom building a program to meet your needs, LaPorte CSA's unique abilities and wide variety of services, can offer your team the resources to achieve cost-effective compliance and risk management.